Dev Blog #1: FH Enrage Timer Beta and IGW EP1 Simplifcatition

July 14, 2018
Welcome to the first dev blog! Sorta...
In this blog post, I talk about what's happened, and some future stuff of Fading Hearts and Infinite Game Works Episode 1.
I know you all have been waiting awhile. I thank you all for your patience. We been doing things slowly I know. It's all for reaching that sustainable flow of innovating in Visual Novel games.
Just to let you know, this has become a side job for me now as my day job funds these games. And I have been working my butt off to get stable.

Infinite Game Works Episode 1 Simplification

One the major things on my mind is that the IGW Episode 1 was way too complicated. That’s why I’m going to re-do the game dev part of the game to be more simpler like EP 0. There still will be stuff like the game genre trends. But so it goes! At least this way the game would be much simpler to get into.

Fading Hearts Enrage Patch Beta

The Fading Hearts Enrage patch is out! Actually it’s been out for quite awhile on Steam. It features a new scene with Sophia where you get to ask all the interesting questions! How do you get to it? A lot of ways but the fastest way is to be nice to everyone as much as possible.

More to come!

Yeah… totally more stuff we sorta we’ve been mentioning and hinting about on twitter. Maybe… an otome game or a breakthrough VN? You’ll see soon! Stay tuned!