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Don't Save the World Update and Thoughts

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Hello everyone. I am sad to say that this game is going to be delayed due to health issues I have been having. A demo will likely be done some time August. The release would be during the following year. So what does this mean? A high quality release, less stressful nights of impending deadlines.

However this project will still happen. I still feel like this game will fulfill a deep-seated need for gamers who like stories that want to make a difference in their games.

Thoughts after the break.


It's actually kinda interesting to see what this project is becoming. Didn't think that I would be implementing the Left 4 Dead dialog system. Also didn't quite realize that this game would become a sandbox-like game and also have an interwoven story. There will also be a shop-management sim, corperation-management sim, dating-sim elements as well...

For those who haven't played Fading Hearts are probably wondering how does all of these fit together. It's simple. Nearly everything is optional. So if you don't like one genre then you don't have to play it. You can play several genres if you want. It just costs game-time to do it.

Of course, we still have the highly interactive storyline as well. Maybe I'll talk about that next time.

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Just wanted to give you all an update at what's going on at Sakura River Interactive.

Currently we're in the process of becoming a proper business. And by proper I mean mostly same as before but we'll still chase after the crazy concepts that we always have been doing. Only now we won't be doing it under a shoestring budget. It's just a lot of work to make sure everyone gets paid properly and everyone is on the same page.

Also we're working getting Steam achievements attached to Fading Hearts and other future games. Just in-cause you're wondering what icon is about.

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Hi everyone!

Just want to give everyone a heads up on what's going on currently. Also I know I should be writing more often. I know I have been tweeting but that's not really enough now is it?

A hyper quick summary first off. I am heading to the Game Developer's Conference to visit (no booth). We are working on next patch on Fading Hearts. Next project is already underway.

Details after the break.

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy. Many things happening including a few opportunities I want to explore that... well... could change the direction of a lot of things to say the least. Tiny bit more after the break.