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Reflections of 2012 and the Future

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Hello everyone!

I understand that I haven't been updating this website lately. In terms of my personal life, it has been a real roller coaster ride. It really sapped a lot of my motivation. The unsuccessful fundraising didn't help either. However I still remain a fan of making things that people wouldn't think is possible happen.

After the break I'll make my quick reflection, say what AAA game had the most advanced interactive story design techniques, and talk about "Don't Save the World: An RPG!"


What I want to happen more than anything is for my games to properly satisfy a gamer's taste and properly make good use of those interactive story design techniques that I developed in 2009's Fading Hearts. Although secretly in my heart I've been wishing that someone in the AAA industry could do it, it's not quite there yet. The AAA have been making advances in interactive story in video games however.

Most surprising is that Black Ops 2 was the one that used the more advanced techniques. A game that is not story-focused had the most advanced interactive story techniques. I think everyone felt it had a more interactive story than other AAA games. However, probably due to production cost and structure of a Call of Duty game, it was limited in scale.

I bet everyone is wondering what is happening with "Don't Save the World". Let me give you a quick update.

We're changing engines to RPG Maker VX Ace due to the artwork available for that engine. The original concept was to do a visual novel type of format. However using RPG Maker would just allow for more content.

Why will it be different? Well we're customizing the scripting. I am a programmer after all who is known for pushing the limit of a game engines. You'll get custom menus, new non-standard features of a RPG Maker game, and that interactive story that you got in Fading Hearts!

Not to mention you can say "NO" to save the world and still get a game! 

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Laying Down the Foundations

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to give you all an update at what's going on at Sakura River Interactive.

Currently we're in the process of becoming a proper business. And by proper I mean mostly same as before but we'll still chase after the crazy concepts that we always have been doing. Only now we won't be doing it under a shoestring budget. It's just a lot of work to make sure everyone gets paid properly and everyone is on the same page.

Also we're working getting Steam achievements attached to Fading Hearts and other future games. Just in-cause you're wondering what icon is about.

Visiting GDC 2014

Hi everyone!

Just want to give everyone a heads up on what's going on currently. Also I know I should be writing more often. I know I have been tweeting but that's not really enough now is it?

A hyper quick summary first off. I am heading to the Game Developer's Conference to visit (no booth). We are working on next patch on Fading Hearts. Next project is already underway.

Details after the break.

Still Trucking and More to Come

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy. Many things happening including a few opportunities I want to explore that... well... could change the direction of a lot of things to say the least. Tiny bit more after the break.