The Tri-Game Development Plan

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile and I’ve been keeping busy. Creating several small miracles here and there just so that I can keep on game developing. Although the rate that I catalyze changes in various industries seems uncomfortably high. So let’s try to cause another one.

I’ll be working on three games at the same time. One of the biggest issues I have is that working on only one project really saps my passion. Also they all have potential to change the industry. So that’s why I’ll be working on three at the same time.

The three games are:

  • Infinite Game Works Episode 1 (Still working on this)
  • Untitled Otome Game
  • Thriller/Mystery Randomizer VN with Multiplayer mode and maybe Twitch Integration Mode

Infinite Game Works Episode 1 early plans follows after the break.

So first off for IGW EP1…

Long Play Mode for July 28 2017

Long play mode would simply just allow players to keep playing after the second convention. No events afterwards… but just to see how progression is going to work.

So yeah… look forward to it!