Shifting to Plan B, Stardew Valley Restored Motivation

Title Card Plan B

Shifting to Plan B

Hello everyone! Sorry for the troubling radio silence. But we’re still here. In order to make sure Infinite Game Works Episode 1 gets fully released, we are shifting to plan B.

What is plan B? We shift to a method used to develop the original Fading Hearts. Doing this as a full time thing kinda didn’t work out as expected. Maybe it still could for a future game. But we’ll try again another time.

For now, I’m funding the completion of Infinite Game Works Episode 1 through a day job. Why? Well a little game called Stardew Valley reminded me on how we started in the first place. After playing it I can definitely feel the love put into that game. A few Minecraft references and mechanics (which I love),  Harvest Moon mechanics (which I love), and some Link to the Past style combat (which quenches my thirst for adrenaline).

I remember playing the SNES Harvest Moon and staying late at night in the forest hoping for something, ANYTHING dangerous to happen. Now all I need is a trip to the mines.

After getting greenhouse full of Iridium sprinkled Ancient Fruit growing, 100 Ancient Fruit seeds ready to grow in the Spring, and 200 kegs for mass production with crystal floors… I kinda realized that I’m probably worse than Jojo’s Mart. To make things worse, I married the general store owner’s daughter and help make his competition a success. I would be just like taking everything away from him… after giving him a Jojo Mart can of pop. Sounds like a Persona 4 subplot to be honest.

*Requesting special dialogue for when you are this mean from the creator of Stardew Valley!

And the creator of Stardew Valley’s story is a strikingly familiar story. At least I know the path I took before wasn’t just a fluke and can be repeated.