Memories of Japan – Bringing the Indie Dream to Canada

Bit Bazaar Winter Market 2014 logoAh… the next Bit Bazaar is coming up soon.¬†The place where I first met the developer of that award winning title. Although I still wish I could vote with my wallet then and there. So if it happened once there, would it happen again?

Do other people know this? If so, why hasn’t it become a gaming media circus teeming with gaming press? Should it become a well-known place when it’s already a comfortable peaceful one where devs need not have worries? What’s the direction the organizers¬†would want to take with Bit-Bazaar?

Now I find myself with this sudden compulsion to head there, sharpie in hand, to get signed copies of various games in the hopes they become famous, just so I can feel that way again.

I knew them before they were famous.