Memories of Japan – Bringing the Indie Dream to Canada

Canadian Video Game Awards 2013/2014 StageSo there I was attending the Canadian Video Game Awards while bringing our writer along to experience the Toronto Game Development culture. I saw that Always Sometimes Monsters was a nominee for several awards, but I didn’t think much of it at the time.

Then when I saw them get on-stage to receive an award not just once, but twice, I had the biggest smirk on my face. One thought stuck in my head and would not leave.

I knew them before they were famous.

I had this feeling before back when I played Melty Blood: Re-Act on the PC, far before Sega became a publisher, and then it was in the Evo tournament in the U.S. I felt it again only this time it was on North American soil. Better yet, occurred in my hometown city of Toronto. The dream! It was happening!

Even after the developer won the awards, the same person I met those years ago at Bit-Bazaar remembered me. He came up to me and shook my hand. Indie developers do remember their early supporters, after all.

Afterwards, I had a chance to reflect on this. Then I realized I had somewhat predicted what was happening. That was probably the biggest reason I wasn’t really that surprised they won. So then¬†could I see what comes next?