Memories of Japan – Bringing the Indie Dream to Canada

A logo of the indie game Always Sometimes MonsterThis one game that talked about morality and choices, Always Sometimes Monsters by Vagabond Dog. I’m in this space so I might as well give it a shot, and I knew that if anyone that could do morality and choices justice, it would be an indie game developer. I played the game and I thought “Yup, definitely talked about issues that triple-A devs wouldn’t touch.” They put in something about hacking a person’s unlocked desktop computer by trying to figure out the password. A crazy coincidence since I was working in a computer security company at the time.

And boy, I can verify that was definitely how password hacking works in real-life — finding clues by understanding human nature. It wasn’t the standard brute-force methods, but you only played as one person who didn’t know that this was going to happen.

I later talked to one of the game developers at the table, and he spoke about using “simple methods” that really didn’t dive into the custom scripting power of RPG Maker. At that time I wondered if he understood what he was doing was so powerful. Of course, I offered some technical skill after he repeatedly claimed that their team didn’t have that much of it. I had just implemented the L4D dialogue system in RPG Maker after all (that currently is gathering dust), but then he declined.

Only years later would show if he did need my technical help or not.