Memories of Japan – Bringing the Indie Dream to Canada

Comic Market Huge LineI wanted to reflect on why I started this whole thing in the first place. Just a sudden feeling I had when I was pounding away on that dreaded game design document. It was definitely walking into that Japanese shop in Akihabara one day after Comic Market. That’s when I had a vision.

When I saw those indie games on those shelves and in Comic Market before then, I wished so bad for something like that to be in North America. To be free from the gatekeepers who were losing touch with what the gamers wanted and allow the market itself to decide what games were good… to have it in my native soil that is Canada! That was my dream!

I tried to figure out what was needed for this to happen in North America. This what I thought of:

  • A place (and expectation) for the average consumer to see upcoming games
  • A chance for the consumer to vote with their wallet for the game they liked
  • A legend (and therefore expectation) that the place produced major upcoming hits before they were popular

Aside from my goal of “do future-gen interactive story stuff possible in the Amiga Computer days”, this is what I sought out. My dream was to create a place like this. So I went over to Fan Expo and Anime North to sell my games there. This was to at least provide a place where people can expect to buy games from indies directly. For many years I did this.

Then something else started happening.